Klawitter Theatre Group

Hello, my name is Hedda. Welcome to my page. I am an actress and singer, social entrepreneur,founder of Klawitter Theatre Group and altogether a joyful explorer of life.
Klawitter Theatre is a Group of professional singers and actors dedicated to entertain seniors in care. My passion for performing has been the driving force in starting and developing this Theatre Group. A performer needs an audience.
I found a very appreciative audience in the care homes around Ireland and
realized that by sharing our passion for performing with older people in care we can make a difference and play a part in enhancing the quality of their day. It works both ways.
The seniors become our participatory audience and together we share experience, joy and creativity. Our sensitivity and enthusiasm as performers reflects the knowledge that we will all become seniors – sooner or later

Mission Statement

Klawitter aims to enhance the quality of life for older persons, particular those in residential care, by providing interactive entertainment and theatre by professional actors and musicians. Our mission is to develop, promote, and implement an atmosphere of acceptance and support and to preserve the honour and dignity of all persons within and outside the organisation.

Our programmes are designed to respect the social, religious and cultural beliefs and values of older persons and to satisfy their recreational interests and needs.

Vision Statement

We believe in the essential value of all human beings and the right and responsibility of individuals to determine their own destinies and to work towards a fair share of resources. We believe that Klawitter Theatre Group is part of a culture change and we encourage ourselves and others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually by using our compassion, our unique perspective and our belief in others' inherent goodness, integrity, and enormous potential.


We recognize the expertise, spirit and value of each member of Klawitter and will encourage each member to have their voice heard. We will continually strive to advance and broaden the knowledge and skills of each member by encouraging them to participate in educational and professional activities. We pledge to conduct business in accordance with the Governance Code. We pledge to uphold the fundamental values of integrity, transparency and accountability.

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